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    Youth Ministry is formation in faith for teens in Grades 8 to 12 from Church of the Holy Spirit and St. Joseph's Church. 

    Grades 8 & 9 Confirmation
    Grades 10-12 Senior High Youth Group

    Teens in grades 8 & 9
    Teens in grades 8 and above can begin preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation  .  For more information see our Confirmation page or  contact Father Sadhanala.

    Grades 8 & 9 Register for Confirmation Year 1 and 2

    Teens in grades 10-12 meet to discuss relevant topics for teens and participate in a variety of activities. For more information, reach out to  Deacon Roger DeBell :

    SENIOR HIGH YOUTH GROUP 2022-2023 Registration

  • Steubenville youth conference 2023

    Calling ANY Holy Spirit and St Joseph Teens Grades 9-12!
    Experience the life-changing love of Christ and be strengthened in your journey of discipleship with thousands of Catholics from around the world…

    After 3 years on hiatus, we are pleased to announce…
    we will be resuming participation in the annual Steubenville Youth Conference!

    Register Here

  • Bake Sale

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    • Support our Bake Sale to help sent students to the Stubenville Youth Conference on the weekend of Feb. 11-12.. Or please consider donating directly to the fundraiser with the donation form below.
      Help to evangelize the next generation.
      BE A 2023 STEUBENVILLE YOUTH CHAMPION by donating to our bakesale!
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  • Hands of Christ Award

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